Thursday, November 21, 2013

Behavior Modification

Well, I have of course been trained by my parents.  My mom once tried to train me to not hurt other people through positive punishment.  This included screaming, scolding, and isolation.  This however did not work.  I only learned that hurting people could modify behavior, so I used it more.  However, my mom used positive reinforcement to teach me to work hard.  Every time I did chores or help my parents in anyway, my parents would compliment me and give me money.  However, they never once yelled at me for not doing work.  For some reason, I continued to work hard and still do today.  My dad will go split wood without asking me for help.  I know that not helping him will not lead to any negative consequences, but I help anyways.  if my parents tried to use punishment to make me work, I would work less and not as well.  I learned that positive reinforcement is the best way to modify behavior, because it is the only one that will not spark rebellion if the person finds out about it.  I also learned that making people happy makes me happy and hard work has its own rewards.      


  1. Alexander,
    I definitely agree that positive reinforcement has the best results as it effectively gets the job done. Especially as a teenager or child, rebellion sounds feel like a common response to negativity or punishment. In the end, nothing feels better than being surrounded by a family that does not fight and whine and nag.

  2. Alex,
    Your blog post was entertaining to read because you included multiple examples of attempted behavior modification techniques. In additionm I enjoyed hearing that you are a hard working man, keep it up!

  3. Alex,

    My parents treated me in much the same way. I rarely ever was yelled at, yet they praised me for every thing I did right. This type of positive reinforcement does not make a child resentful or angry, as punishment can.

  4. Alex,
    I really enjoyed your blog this week. It really shows how such operant conditioning shapes one's behavior. You make a good point of possible rebellion, if one is aware that they are being operatively conditioned. But if its positive reinforcement for chopping wood and tidying up, why rebel?

  5. Alex, I find it interesting how you touched on your parents not scolding you for not doing work, yet you still work hard. It is the same for me, as I think back there is no reason that I would have gained the work ethic I have today except for the positive reinforcement I receive when I get my work done early and so on, thus exemplifying operant conditioning.