Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Subliminal Persuasion

I believe that the idea of subliminal advertising is believed most likely do to the fact that it appears to the popular belief of psychology.  Many, including myslef, have considered the possibility that we make decisions based on unconcious forces.  In addition, many people blame unexplained actions on unconcious forces.  Subliminal messaging causes these unconcious forces anf effect how they contribute to decision making.  Also, if a person makes a decision with no answer, it is popular to believe there exists a reason for this such as subliminal advertisement. 

I beleive the "witch trial" factor is the weakest.  Although it does make sense that advertisers who use sublimial messages would keep it secret, it makes more sense that if it doesn't exist, there is no proof.  This factor adds nothing other than the fact that neither side of the argument is correct

I never believed in subliminal advertising, because too many confounding variables exist to have commercials to effectively use them.  Pratkanis did not influence my opinion, because many of his points were common sense and I already did not believe in subliminal advertisement.  I do however believe that subliminal messages cn be used over time to generally change public opinion.  This can be witnessed in any country including the USA. 


  1. Alex,

    I agree that popular belief of psychological forces manipulating our actions contributes to the idea of subliminal persuasion. However, we cannot afford to completely disregard this concept's use in advertising. I believe that companies employ psychology when designing ads in order to increase their profit. For example, Red Bull uses over-the-top short stories to convince consumers to buy their products.

  2. Alex, your opposition intrigues me because after being presented such a vast amount of proof, you still stick to your own thoughts. This, in and of itself, exemplifies how you are defying subliminal persuasion, presented in Pratkanis' experiment.

  3. Alex, your firm opinions are both frustrating and admirable. Maybe you do not believe in subliminal persuasion because your strong view points do not allow you to fall victim to such a thing

  4. Alex,
    Look at that pal! You've updated your blog. Very pretty. I should have brought a housewarming gift. It's weird, the comment font looks like 3d. Maybe that's the exhaustion. Anywho, you took the opposite side of the argument, but bear in mind this. You named your DND character Dragonborn. Subliminally, your Skyrim addiction led you to name your DND character Dragonborn. Just something to consider.